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What the Professionals Say

Rachel was an amazing hire and is a super project manager and task-focused worker. She required minimal supervision and always was one step ahead of the work. She is calm and reliable under pressure and is a very reliable team member. Rachel is amazing working by herself but is also great with teams. She has absolutely no drama or challenges at work and her goal is to take her work and every task and hit it out of the ball park. I would recommend Rachel for any position - if she doesn’t have the experience she will figure it out. She was one of my best hires and I would never hesitate to hire her again or recommend her for any suitable position. If you are looking for an employee who has initiative, focus and drive and needs minimal supervision - then Rachel is the candidate.
— Monica Kumar, Kinship, Previous Supervisor

Rachel served under me as the program coordinator for SUN Entertainment for almost 13 years (as a student worker and then as a full time staff member). During that time she oversaw operations for the entire student activities department from planning events to human resources. There was never a task she wasn’t afraid to tackle and I always knew we were in good hands with her at the helm. Since her departure, I have not stopped searching for another “Rachel”!
— TC Eberly, Northern Arizona University, Previous Supervisor

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